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Sue and Jewel

               Updated:  5/11/15           

The fundraiser was a great success!  Will put up pictures soon.  The first thing I did was to apply for "non-profit" status and we were accepted.  WE ARE NOW OFFICIALLY A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION!!!

Shiloh is more than ready for a new home, will just need proper feed and farrier work for a foundered pony.

Have updated Cruiser's ad on the rehab page.  He is looking for a new home as a companion horse.

New horses:   Aged Arab gelding, well broke to ride.  Out of rehab!

5/11/15 - New horse on the "For Sale ", 18 year old registered Arabian gelding.

4/1/15-Update on Sonic:  He will be ridden here in the next week or so, just to be sure he's the same sort of horse he was, when we placed him years ago.  His weight is back on and we'll be putting on new pictures real soon.   He has the most wonderful personality, he's a "people horse" as well as a real clown!

We also have an aged, well broke, grade dun mare in, that just needs a little more weight and she'll be looking for her new home.

Cookie has found a new home!


 SOLD:Saddle for sale!  We have a 16" heavily tooled, hand-made reining saddle for sale.  We need to get pictures online, but do have them available to email out.  The saddle comes out of Texas from Cleburne Saddlery.


These are pictures of the saddle mentioned above.  It was handmade for a customer in Texas about 10 years ago.  It has seen considerable use, but is still in excellent condition except for the wear on the back of the seat, which one of the pictures shows.  Also, the coin or whatever was glued into the top of the saddle horn, for decoration, is missing.  The fleece is in great shape and we can send pictures of that, upon request.  I didn't have any handy to download.  It has a 16" seat and is pretty "hefty".  I can weigh it if anyone wants me to.  It's very well made and has countless good years of use left in it.  It did sell, originally for $1,500 but we are open to offers.  We are pricing it at $400/Best Offer.  We need the money for hay. 






This is a collage I made, using some of the photos taken at out 2014 Fundraiser Horse Show.  I literally ended up printing it out and taking a picture of "the picture", emailing it to us, downloading it a memory card and uploading it on this site.  The site I created it on kept trimming too much off to use their emailed copy.  Just explaining as the quality could have been better.  Will probably add a second one, as I have a lot more pictures.


These pictures were taken the 2nd day of our Fundraiser Weekend, the day of the trail ride.  There were many more people there, but Brook was only able to grab a few photos as she had her hands full with her horse, that day.  I missed the ride, sadly, as I was extremely sick that weekend, or there would have been a bunch more pictures. 

We have put a 2015 calendar together, using photos that some of the new owners have sent us, of horses that they purchased/adopted from us. I will post pics of the 2015 calendar as soon as I am able to get some of them printed.  We will be using different horses each year so keep those photos coming!
     The first 30 are printed and will be available at the trail ride on Sunday.  There will be more made and we will be putting them up on this page, as well as Ebay, etc.  They will be priced at $20.  They were professionally made and feature several pics of each horse for his/her month.  They are also full of wonderful quotes and our logo.  This years featured horses are:
Our 5 TBs
Annie and "Little Dan"
and Willow




Thank you everyone who attended our 2nd annual fundraiser! Thankfully the weather cooperated with us both days, the fun show was a blast and the trail ride was beautiful. The money raised will greatly help with the care of our rescue horses through the winter months.
Special thanks to:
Ashley and Mark              Kelly and Joe
Anne N.                             Rene and Lataya
Angie K.                            Shayne and Trista
Nikki and Jade                  Deb
Donna K.                           The Whistlers
Mike N.                               Lena
Jenny S.                            Brandi
Jack and Rosemary         Gwen
Amanda and JoAnn         Josh and Adriane
Janine and Jeff                 Maria and Pam
Donna F.                            J and B Western
Turtle River Equine          A Bit of Tack
Cyrus the Potter              County Line Farrier
Robin                                 Famous Daves
Barb T.                               Rick E.
And thank you to those that showed up for the trail ride, it was great to see you all!
We will be adding last fall's fundraiser pics in the next week or so......misplaced the memory card and just found it this week.




Will be adding more fundraiser photos soon!
I've been meaning to mention a few of the extraordinary people that have had a big part in helping us out this winter.  I want to thank Carrie for all the beautiful blankets she sent us.  I can't say enough about Ash and Mark and Kelly for all their help when our water froze up this winter....both sources became unusable.  And I really can't forget to thank those of you that have sent donations, always when we need it the most: The Dawsons, the Swansons, Deb,Donna and Barb.  If I'm forgetting anyone, I apologize from the bottom of my heart.
Thanks are in order again, this spring!  We'd like to thank Brad, Becky and Pete for their $$$ donation that we were able to use for our annual springtime worming.  Thanks again to Chrissy for her wonderful pony blanket and tack contribution.  We now have pony blankets that are even fancier than our horse ones, not to mention the "Scottish Plaid" pony fly masks.......especially appealing to us, as we're a good part, Scottish......right down to our name!
    A HUGE thank you for the helpers on our spring workdate!!!  Hope to get up a few pictures, soon.  Our good buddies:  Mark and Ash, Kelly and Joe, Trista and Wyatt, Lena and ourselves, managed to set up a huge outdoor arena, they got a hitching post put in for us (our 1st), bad boards replaced on the outside of the barn and remounted feeders and doors adjusted and better latch systems, on the box stalls in the barn.  With all the hard times we all go through, there comes a time like this, when it makes it all worthwhile.
We recieved a donation today, that is above and beyond any expectation that we may ever have had.  Vic and Trish Thiedek will be heading for their new home in Tennessee next week.  Trish learned about us through our mutual friend/farrier, Kim Otterson.  She had up to 2 horses/1 donkey that she asked us to take on and place for her as the move would leave her with no time.  She actually was able to place 2 in marvelous homes by herself and in bringing the 3rd to us, today, she gifted us with a driving sulky and a much needed 2-3 horse, slant trailer.  I'm still pinching myself to know that I'm not dreaming!!!  I hope she realizes what a gift this is.  Ours is so in need of repair and to have a back-up trailer is more than we could ever dream of.

Fundraiser 2013:

Below are a series of pictures from our 3rd Annual Fundraiser, they're from our 2nd Annual Fun Show and the following day's trail ride at Pillager State Forest.  Even with the weather being on the "damp" side on Saturday, everyone had a great time! 

















































Welcome to Great Expectations Ranch!  We buy and sell and do rescue and rehab.  This is our 14th year doing business.  We always have a variety of horses looking for homes.
Please bear with us as "website construction" is a constant learning process for us and it may take a little while to get this site where we want it to be! If you see a horse you're interested in, please feel free to call or email for more information and photos.

Echo Has Found A wonderful New Home


Echo:  This is my dog Echo.  She's a Shepherd/Border Collie cross.  I was told she was Shepherd/Aussie, but there is nothing "Aussie" about her.....and I don't mean that in a bad way.  I waited over a year, before deciding to get another dog after my Duke passed away.  He was a Collie mix and the best dog I could ever have.  He was an older dog when I got him, so he was more "low energy", was great on the farm with all animals, lived in the house with me for the last couple years of his life and would bark at anyone that pulled into the yard.
   Echo is already spayed, has been current on heartworm meds and was fully vaccinated a year ago.  She is loving and barks when people pull up, is housetrained and lives inside, is good with the farm animals, but is too "high energy" for me.  She needs to be with kids or a more active adult that wants to do stuff with her.  I am looking for a loving long-term home for this wonderful dog so if you have any interest, please contact me.  I have a number of pictures that I can send.

Kitty Looking For New Home

We took this little guy in nearly a year ago.  A friend needed a new home for him A.S.A.P.  He integrated into out "multi cat" home, pretty quickly.  We had him neutered last summer and then discovered he was a bit of a bully towards our "antique", little old lady cat.  She's at least 17 years old this year.  We had to move him out to the barn, but he'd still enjoy being a house cat.  We're looking for a safe new home for him.  If you'd like to meet him, please contact us.  :-)
Sue and Brook McPherson, Pillager, MN (218) 746-4161