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Horses for sale:
Click on the image to bring up a bigger picture. We usually have more photos of the horses listed that we can email upon request.
If you are under the age of 18 and interested in one of our horses, please have a parent or guardian contact us. Thanks!
(218) 746-4161
If you are interested in one of our horses and would like to trade/partial trade for good hay of equal value we are open to that in most instances.




We are looking for a new home for Clyde.  He's a grade quarterhorse gelding in his late teens and was brought to us for re-homing.  he's lived in Remer, most of his life, had a variety of owners, had an injury to his hip as a younger horse, but I have no idea who owned him at that time...or how he was injured.  He was a broke horse before he got hurt and has been used as a leadline ride for little kids.  He's the sweetest guy, gets along with everyone, is a very easy keeper and would also make a great companion horse.  if you have the room in your heart and on your farm, for Clyde, please contact us.  The pictures I'll be putting up, were taken some time ago and quickly and on my ipod at the end of the day, but it will give you an idea of what he looks like.  he's probably close to 15 hands tall. I would appreciate any small donation, upon placing Clyde, but a great home is the most important thing for him. Clyde has found his new home, with my neighbor, as a companion horse.




LADY is SOLD. she will be used at a riding camp.

Meet Lady: She's a grade quarterhorse mare. She's a buckskin, approximately 13 years of age and around 14.3. she was brought to me for re-homing, by her previous owner, who had used her as a "husband horse" for trail rides. I have only ridden her once here, so far, briefly, as in walk, trot & turn in the yard. She was very good for tacking up and for me to mount up. She basically "plow reins", but will do a modified neck reining, if you touch her neck on one side with the reins and are able to use the same hand, to lightly pull back on the bit. She was someone's broodmare, before her last home and appears to be just a nice-minded horse, that will willingly follow others on a trail ride, is just not always sure what you are asking her to do. Could use a bit of finishing. She is very nice to work with, likes people and gets along well in our small more on the submissive side.  She is a much prettier color than these pictures show...a dark gold with nearly "smutty buckskin" markings on her hip and shoulders. She is also "dappled" at this time. Priced at $700/BO.




SANTANA HAS SOLD! He has a great new home with a wonderful woman and 3 little "short stacks"...ponies!  He even has a "next door neighbor", that's almost as pretty as him.  :-)
 Meet Santana!  He is an 18 year old sorrel & white Pinto gelding.  He’s supposed to be part Arabian, but with his longer neck and higher head carriage, it leads me to believe he may actually be part Saddlebred.  In any event, he’s a very nice, easy-going horse that was ridden English, Western, bareback and did trail rides and overnight camping for his previous owner.  2 of us rode him recently, with the snow & ice, it was mostly: tacking up, mounting up, standing, walking, trotting & backing.  I rode him with a simple driving snaffle bit and he did very well.  He's about 15 hands tall and has a slightly "lowered" back, due to age...but I just used a nice "cut-back" pad.  He’s a calm, level-headed gelding that seems to be the type of horse that could work well for most, if not all riding levels.  I plan to take him to a local arena in the next week for more riding.  At this time, I have him priced at $1,500.00.

UPDATE: 1/29/17
Took Santana to a local friend's arena and had Kaitlyn ride him for an interested party.  He was wonderful, cantering on cue and loving it.  Riding saddled, as well as bare-back.  Learned that he "tracks" his rider, when left to move freely in the arena.   Think we may have learned a new trick, "shake" as in what a dog does with it's paw, at least he seemed to do it on command for treats.  Hand-walked over mats, wood platforms and even a "teeter-totter board".  He performed like a real champ!  Should also mention that I had his feet trimmed last week and he was very good for the farrier.







I have decided to keep Dutch here with me, as he's a safe ride for any number of riders that come out. Also, the medication required for his Cushings is rather pricey. Meet Dutch!  He is registered AHA, his registered name is “Hot Damn HBB”.  He’s a very well bred gelding with Huckleberry Bey, being his grand-sire (hence the HBB is his name), Bay El Bey & Bask, on his top side.  He’s 21 and is a re-tired show horse.  He carries himself, more like an English horse, but rides more like a Western horse.  I was told he sets up nicely for halter, though I forgot to try that on the day we rode.  He’s a friendly gelding, but can be a bit impatient, when being tacked up.  He’s a very easy keeper, though I give him a small amount of grain once a day, when I bring in all the pasture horses for graining.  When he’s done and ready to go out, he’ll “dance in place” in the tie stall, as I’m un-clipping the butt rope.  He’s a likeable “character”.  He responds well to leg cues and his rider should have a “light hand”.  He has a current Coggins and had his teeth floated in July, plus a 5-way and West Nile shots, last April. He’s been kept up on wormer, etc. His previous owner said he was chased into and flipped over a fence, last summer.  She had him treated by a chiropracter and masseuse and appears to be fine, now.  I need to tape everyone, he looks to be 15.1 and would do best with an intermediate rider or up.  He also came with daily pills as his old vet felt he possibly had a light case of Cushings.  I crush one in his grain, but all I’ve noticed is a slightly longer hair coat, which he sheds entirely each year.  There are absolutely no other symptoms.   I have him priced at $1,000.00/BO.

UPDATE:  1/29/17
Took him to the arena, today as well.  He trailered real well.  He got a bit "jiggy" waiting, tied, to be ridden.  However he enjoyed being tacked up and after being lunged, was ridden English at a walk, trot, & canter.  He looked marvelous and it was obvious that he's been shown English...very collected, always taking the right lead, super responsive!  He also went walking with me and crossed all the obstacles that Santana did.  Wish I'd taken videos. 






I have placed CJ with some close friends, where he will have a safe home for life, whether he is sound or not sound. He will get much love and the best of care. I just didn't feel I could guarantee that he'd stay sound and didn't want him to be in a position where he could be re-homed, because of that. 
He’s a 2002, sorrel, AQHA gelding.  His registered name is “CJ Bar Bully”.  He has an excellent pedigree, having Doc’s Hickory, Doc Bar and Doc O’Lena, on his top side.  He has Mr San Peppy, on his bottom side.  He’s totally cutting horse bred, on the top & bottom.  He’s a fancy little man, nice-bodied and has a gorgeous head....he really looks like a “Doc Bar” horse!   He sports a definitive brand, that I need to research.  This horse has had a lot of training...I even found a 7 year old video of him being worked in an inside arena and riding extremely well, back then.  His previous owner bought him from a “dealer” that has an excellent reputation and I am working with them to find out what he has been previously used for.  He was very easy to tack up, but when waiting to be pulled out of the stall, to be ridden....he’ll “weave” a little.  He’s very sweet and is most relaxed when ridden by a confident rider.  He’s about 14.3 and his previous owner only used him for trail riding and she rode in a “Level 1” bit.  He came to her, wearing “T-Bar” shoes and is barefoot right now, but may need shoes if ridden a lot.  When ridden here, he was calm & very responsive.  His previous owner said he’d get a bit “hot” if his trail-mates started a ride, by just taking off.  None of my friends start a ride like that, but knowing that makes me all the more, want to do more research on this guy.  I need  to know if he’s been used for gaming or ???  This also tells me that he would do best with an advanced or experienced rider.  Because of his previous “price tag”, I won’t know how to price him, until I can learn more of his history.  He’s one fancy little horse!
   Just went back through the paperwork that came with him and realized that he was is Washington state last May & with the same owner for 9 years, before he came to MN.  I will try to contact that owner, this week.  He also has a current Coggins and it appears that he has been kept current on shots, worming, etc.

UPDATE:  1/29/17
I've been in contact with the woman that owned him for 9-10 years.  I found out she had "schooled" him for gaming (barrels & poles), with some dressage lessons on some of his time off.  She said he was always calm, entering the arena, with or without other horses.  Also, that he came from a ranch in Washington State, called:  "Golden West Quarter-Horse".  They stated he was a real good colt that worked cattle well.  I will be in contact with them and have sent more  questions to the woman that had him for many years.  The more I learn about C.J., the better it gets! 





SOLD-4/1/17: Meet Dolce (pronounced Dole-Chay)!  She’s an 11 year old quarterhorse mare.  Her previous owner told me she came off a ranch and that she’d had registration papers that she never got with her.  That part doesn’t really matter, but she definitely has the look of a “working quarterhorse”.  Someone put a lot of training into this mare, the right kind of training.  I had a friend ride her late last fall and she was doing side-passing, roll-backs, quick stops, reining on a dime.  She was ridden with a “Jr. Cow-horse bit”.  She worked calmly and extremely well.  The only thing that makes her less than perfect, is an old injury in the fetlock area of her front right leg.  I had my vet examine it, before she was ridden here....he said it was purely “cosmetic”.  He said it felt like it contained fluid that he could drain, but it would just come back & surgery to remove it, could result in damaging the joint area.  It doesn’t seem to bother her, at all.  I will take a picture of it, to put on this ad, this week.  Her previous owner said that she came from the ranch that way.  I’m guessing that’s the reason she was initially sold.  If she were in serious competition or a lot of ranch work, there would be the chance she could “whack it” on something and have to take the day/some time off.  Her last owner just rode her on a few trail rides, where she worked well.  I have no way of knowing how she’d hold up, working or competing, but she has worked fine on trails and I believe she could be a wonderful lesson horse.  She’s extremely sweet and a beautiful little mare.  I also need to tape her, but believe she’s 14.3-15 hands tall.  I’m asking $1,000.00/B.O. for her.    








EBONY SOLD- 6/6/17
Ebony is up for sale again!  Don't miss out on a great mare, like this.....

I may have saved the most “fun” horse for last.  This is Ebony, a.k.a. “Big Momma”!  She is a 19 year old Percheron mare and is a smaller than average, draft horse.  This just makes her more wonderful to tack up, as she can be ridden in a Cordura or basic saddle with “Quarter Horse” bars....just be sure you have a cinch that’s long enough.  I sold her to a wonderful family 8 years ago and when the wife realized that she wasn’t using her as much as she used to, she brought her back to me.  This big girl has ridden in, 5 parades, been ridden singly & doubly, by 2 young girls and has done a bunch of trail rides.  I have a number of great, detailed emails from her, telling me everything a person would want to know about this mare.  The only 2 things that they learned over all those years, is that the mare definitely prefers female farriers and that, when they thought about driving her, the blinders terrified her.  To me, that’s all too obvious that some horrid man, was abusive to this big girl.  She was wonderful to saddle up, when bridling...she put her head up and had her teeth shut, but simply sliding a finger along her gum...opened her mouth and the bit was in.  The fact that she’s smaller, made it easy to do.  She’s so much fun to ride!  When keeping to a slower trot, it’s very smooth.  She direct reins, but also you can do the neck reining “cheat”, holding the reins in one hand and doing a combo, neck/direct rein.  She backs like a pro and walks right out.  Asking her to stand in one place, for pictures that day, she did a little pawing of the ground, but not much.  Her “pen mates” are currently a large pony & a quarterhorse about a trio!  Because she’s a big girl and direct reins, rather than a total neck reining, She needs to go to a rider of intermediate or experienced rider.  I’ll be taping her as well, but she is probably no more than 15.2 hands tall.  All of these horses are looking for long term/permanent homes and most, if not all of the previous owners would like to know where they end up.  So if you’re any sort of “horse jockey”, you needn’t contact me.  They are all here, not as rescues...they all had wonderful homes....they are looking to be re-homed.  I’m asking $1,200.00/B.O. for Ebby.

UPDATE:  Willow is sold & heading to her new home!


I recently got in a new mare, named Willow.  She is a red dun, 16 year old, Quarter Pony, on the small side.  I need to tape her, but realistically, she is about 12 hands tall.  She is an exact replica of a fill size Quarter Horse, only miniaturized.  She's very beautiful and correct, but has been foundered in the past so needs to be kept "on a dry lot", no pasture.  Also, good grass hay and possibly a little oats and/or senior feed, is what she should be fed.  Nothing that would put "heat" in her feet.  If you are not able or not interested in doing this for her, do not contact me to make an appointment to come and see her.  She deserves an owner that cares & will take good care of her.  She's a pretty special little girl.  I had a good friend, that rides very well and is smaller than me, out to ride her.  I will be putting up a number of pictures of them, working together.  First to a description of her attributes and abilities:

1.  Even though she lived alone for 4 years before coming here, if she's tied in the barn for tacking up, she WILL answer neighing from her new buddies that are outside and Will jig around a bit, but if you get after her, she knows better.
2.  After deciding to stand still, she is easy to tack up.
3.  She rides very well in an "S" hack; a hackamore of any type would work well.  Her size makes it so a "pony" saddle would most likely pinch her withers.  She was ridden her in a 14" saddle that our friend brought over and an even smaller 13" would fit even better.  All my cinches were way too big so we used the cinch off my old, small pony saddle.  It worked great.
4.  She knows how to lunge very well, including stopping & reversing direction.
5.  She stood for mounting, but then Kaitlyn gets ride on up, don't know how she'd do if someone was hanging off her side, before getting up.
6.  She neck reins/turns, stops, backs, walks and trots & canters easily, with a "kiss sound" or light heel tap.
7.  Because my farrier is still working with her feet and they are coming along nicely, she is a little hesitant to canter, at first and it may be because she could be a little sore.  For that reason, the new owner may want to shoe her in front or use "easy boots" to keep her comfortable, when being ridden.
8.  Forgot to mention, that she's real easy to walk right up to & halter & lead.  For her 1st trim here, by the farrier, she didn't stand perfectly still like a little angel, but she wasn't hard to trim, either.

This little mare will be harder for me to show as I'm too big to ride her and I don't have the right tack to fit her.  Our smallest saddles are 15" ones.  So if anyone would like to try her out, it would work best, if they had a smaller size saddle and a smaller person to ride her.  I should also mention, that her last owner told me that she'd been used for 2 years, to teach little kids to ride, while being supervised.  Then she had 2 years off.  She had her for 4 years and she thinks that the mare was used for gaming some, previous to her owning her.  She will "wake up a bit", if trotting a pole pattern, so that is probably true.  Willow is one BROKE pony!  She also has a "good mind".  She would probably work best for a little kid that had some experience riding or to be led around with little beginners on her, until they learned enough to be able to ride on their own.  Asking price is $600.00.










MEET WILLOW!  All the above pics show her being ridden on Sunday, August 28th.






6/08/16:  Sold My Buddy Charlie-He will be missed, but he went to thee ideal home.  :-)
  Charlie is a 14 year old Arab/Quarter Horse gelding.  He stands around 13.3.  I still need to "tape" him.  He came in from a nice family that bought Nigel.  He simply wasn't the right horse for the 12 year old.  They hadn't had him all that long and his previous owners were an older couple that had him for 5 years and just trail rode him.  He likes the mare that I kept him with, overnight and I will be putting both into the main herd today.   I rode him in the "driving bit" that he came in, but I will be changing that to a Jr. Cowhorse or something else.  They had just direct reined with him, but he is decent at neck-reining, just needs a bit more time.  At his 5 year home, he was the only horse, so it took him a bit to adjust to his last home and a group of horses.  I was told to take my time, saddling him up and tighten the cinch a couple easy, spaced pulls.  It works well.  He barely moved as I mounted up, walked, trotted (he can slow trot as well as "pony trot") and cantered easily.  He wasn't spooky about anything and we had cars going by close, the last one with headlights on as it was turning to dusk.  Being a small horse, he should have a shorter adult, not a total beginner, or  an experienced child.  He really feeds off nervousness, so his rider should have a calm demeanor.  He's a wonderful little guy, quite short backed, so a 13 or 14" saddle would probably fit him much better than my 15" one.  He comes with a current Coggins certificate.  Asking $750. 








UPDATE 11/24/15: Royal went to his hew home today.

Royal is a grade Arabian gelding.  He came to us with Lightning.  I forgot to ask his age so will do that, as well as try to get a good idea, by "toothing" him.  We sold him years ago, as a thinner, green-broke gelding.  The family that bought him, put some time on him, then sold him to a family that he worked fine for, until the 2 people riding him had surgeries and he went unridden for a long time.  When they did get on him again, he had become, herd-bound and a bit unruly.  That's why he ended up coming back to us.  I need to tape him, but he's around 15 hands tall and rides in a hackamore, due to the fact that he's had considerable dental work done....multiple floatings and one or more teeth pulled.  He went to the arena yesterday, with the other 5 and was very good for tacking up, though will try holding his head a little high to try & avoid the headstall.  He stood totally still for mounting and like all the others, was very comfortable in an arena setting, both passing and being passed, by other horses that were right next to him.  He went from a walk to a trot with very little encouragement and then into a lope.  He has a slow, comfortable trot, as well as a big "floaty" trot, like a dressage horse.  His neck-reining training was started a while back, but it needs to be finished.  He is a very responsive horse.  We haven't taken him out on trails yet, as it's deer hunting season (rifle).  However he will need at least an intermediate rider that is also a confident rider.  Our friend that rode him yesterday is a very good rider and he was very relaxed with her.  He will most likely be priced from $500-750.00, depending on how he does on trails.









SOLD...Ride on Bella & Lightning!:Lightning is a 12 year old grade pony gelding.  I forgot to tape him yesterday, but I believe he's around 13.2.  I got him in from a good friend that saved him from "being disposed of".  His only issue, is that he was foundered about 7-8 months ago and didn't receive proper farrier care, until my friend brought him home.  His feet look pretty nice right now, but his next owner will want to do regular farrier work, to keep them that way.  He will still be a bit sore, if made to stand on concrete for long periods of time or is made to trailer for hours.  This will just keep getting easier on him, as long as he is fed properly and his feet are looked after.  At this point in his life, he does well on good GRASS hay, NOT alfalfa and NO grain.  At some point, he may need a bit more and I've given foundered horses small helpings of oats and some can have a little senior feed, but one has to be careful.  He will be with the main herd for the winter, but if still here in the spring, will be pulled out for the summer, as good, fresh, green grass, could also cause him to re-founder.  We are trying to find out why he foundered originally.
     This may sound a bit complicated, but it isn't and he is a real "diamond in the rough".  He will ride in an assortment of bits, but prefers a simple hackamore.  Yesterday a group of us, took a group of the horses to the fairgrounds arena to try out and he was wearing an "S" hack and performed like a champ!  Decent to tack up, moved around a little, but then he's only been with us for 2 days.  He could use a little work on standing still for the rider to mount up, but was happy to be ridden with the group, did his walk-trot-started his canter, willingly, but the riders saddle was too big so it would slip.  We don't think he's been ridden much in the last few years so can be a bit "rusty" at neck-reining, but did get into it.  He'd be a wonderful "step up" for some kid that had out-grown their pony and knew how to ride.  He's a sweet little horse, that's used to living with a herd of cows and now resides with a herd of much larger horses, so minds his manners and gets along just fine.  He is priced at $375.00.  







SOLD:These 2 mares are sisters, they are 7 and 8 years old and originated in Nebraska.  A MN man went down there to bring home a show pony and found the remaining 10 out of an original 40 ponies, in need of new homes.  He was told the aged owners were in a rest home and the place was coming up for auction.  He had room to take 5.  This fall, one year later, our farrier has the young stallion, I have these 2 girls, 1 passed away due to medical complications and one is still with him, being ridden by his grand-daughter.
   The sad part is:  we don't know if these girls were ever registered, shown at halter, had any driving training, etc.  What we do know is that they are halter-broke and would make a great looking driving pair.  The main color difference is in the front "socks".  Sassy's match and are closer to the knee, Sweetie has one taller than the other and they are shorter.  She is also more like a "Modern" in the front end, finer boned and having a longer, leaner neck.  Haven't taped them yet, but they are a little taller than your typical "mini".  They came with their names and they are quite fitting....Sweetie is friendlier and Sassy, a bit elusive, but comes right up for feed/hay.  Sassy is priced at $150.00, Sweetie is priced at $125.00, or the pair can go for $200.00. 
     We would definitely consider a trade or partial trade for:  square bales of grass hay, square bales of alfalfa hay, some straw bales or bags of shavings.





SOLD:Trixie has found a home as a companion horse for a P.O.A.  I am very happy for her!  :-)  Trixie is a 21 year old, grade quarterhorse mare.  She stands 14.2-14.3 and has been used as a trail horse.  Her previous owner hadn't ridden her much, if at all in the past few years.  When she got her, she already had the muscle atrophy in her topline that she obviously, still has.  She said that she simply "double-padded" her and she rode just fine, also said she could be a little jazzed up, briefly, when she hasn't been ridden for long periods of time.  We will be riding her this weekend to see how she does.  We had our equine massage therapist out and she showed us an exercise, that can be done, to strengthen the muscles in her back.  She's a nice mare, needs grain daily, trailers, well, is good for the farrier and is UTD on everything.  Her previous owner had her Coggins tested every year, until this year, as she hadn't left the farm and was only with one other horse, that was also Coggins tested every year.
    Her pictures, as well as some of the others, had "auto flash" dialed in.  Since it was a cloudy day, in some of the pictures her eye/eyes, may have a yellow reflection in them, from the pre-dusk flash.  Her eyes are totally brown and totally fine. 








UPDATE 11/09/15:  The above pictures, framed in blue, were taken on 11/07/15, at the arena.  Trixie was 1 of 6 that we took there to ride.  She's been with us for months, but due to the fact that she has the muscle atrophy in her topline, I put off riding her, thinking she'd be more of a companion horse.  I had no idea what to expect, even though her previous owner of many years (a very kind & honest woman), had said that she'd simply "double-padded" her and trail rode her.  She hadn't been ridden at all for quite some time.  I was thrilled to learn that she tacked up without moving a muscle and took the bit like a lady.  Due to my disabilities, I had Brook hold onto her as I mounted problems there.  Then I just rode off, walking and trotting.  I encouraged her to canter when her trot sped up and she willingly went into it!  She has a nice slow trot, as well as a fast one and when she leveled off on her canter, I was able to "rock" in the saddle so as to ride it smoothly.  She backs in a straight line with one fingertip on the reins and has a real nice "rein" on her.  She is a very well broke mare.  I believe I called her a grade quarterhorse, but with the mottled skin on her muzzle, it's obvious that she is a quarterhorse/appaloosa cross.  When I was done, she really wanted to rub her head on me....reminding me of one of my old apps, but I discouraged her.  Because of her back, I have no idea of how long she'd be comfortable on a long trail ride, but she was sure happy to be worked in the arena....ears forward and extremely responsive.  She is NOT a "deadhead" so would need at least an intermediate rider.  I actually can't wait to ride her again and would prefer to keep her here, as a spare horse, but if I can find her the right home, I'll sadly let her go.  She trailer's like a champ.  I'm asking $750.00 for her and if I didn't already have a wonderful trail horse, I wouldn't be putting her up for sale.




Meet Rumor!  Rumor is a 2003 sorrel overo, PTHA mare.  She is broke to ride and has even been tied to picket lines for overnight camping.  The day I picked her up, she loaded right up in the trailer and traveled quietly, alone, for the 3 hour ride home.  This mare rides in a hackamore.  The woman I got her from, bought her 4 years ago, from a woman who brought her up from Oklahoma(?), along with 2 others.  Seems the original owner had gone through a break-up and was unable to get the mares APHA papers from her "ex".  Her last owner was only given her age and the fact that she had "Scribbles" in her pedigree.  She wisely had her registered with the Pinto Horse Registration, a "color" registration and chose the name, "Scribble Me A Rumor".  Her reg.# is:  146434.  She had a gorgeous palomino colt, this year, a grandson of our old AQHA reining stallion, Jackson.  She has only 3 boxstalls and decided she would keep her 3 geldings and rehome this mare.  In a pasture situation, if Rumor is "targeted" by another horse, she WILL defend herself.  She's a very beautiful mare and was ridden by a friend of ours this week and taken out with my daughter and her horse for a short ride.  Sounds like she was easy to tack up and not at all spooky and did a steady comfortable trot.  She is not a "deadhead".  She stands 14.3-15 hands, I need to tape her.  Our close friend will be riding her again, soon, to see if she is the right horse for her.  If she does not want to buy her, she will be listed for sale.  She has a current Coggins.  Her price will be in the area of $1,000.00.




Rumor Is Sold:  The mare has "big shoes to fill" so my best to both her and Lena!  :-)




MEET ELVIS!  Elvis is a 14 year old, sorrel mule gelding, the son of an APHA overo mare, Blue Eyed Snookum.  We bought the pair at auction in 2002, when he was a yearling.  He was sold to a close friend in 2003, as a gift for her husband.  He went to a mule trainer and was broke to ride and may have had some driving training.  He came back to their ranch and ended up just living in the pasture, so was sold to a nice family in southern MN.  Their daughter rode him, English for a few years, not sure if it was mostly on their farm or if he had much, if any, trail time.  The daughter went on to college and Elvis was used for 5 years.  Her folks had our contact info and were kind enough to send him back to us, in order for us to find him a new home.  Before I picked him up, he was taken to a local horse trainer for a "refresher".  I talked to him the day I picked Elvis up and got the feeling that the 2 of them were definitely not a good "match".  When it dries up around here, I'll be trying him in our outside arena, where the whole herd spends all day, eating from the round bales we put out.  His ad will be updated at that time.  He gets along wonderfully with the horses, is a very easy keeper and is a very friendly guy!  He's about 15 hands tall, I'll need to "tape" him.  Elvis has a current Coggins and is UTD on worming and shots. 

UPDATE:  Elvis sold this past weekend to a friend that owns and works with mules.  We wish Elvis and his new owner/buddy the best!






THIS IS NIGEL!  Nigel is a 2002 AHA gelding, registered Arabian, for those of you who don't get into abbreviations.  He came to us from a wonderful woman, that had adopted from us in the past.  He's been a trail horse for her for years.  He's totally broke, but needs at least an intermediate rider.  He's an easy keeper, gets along very well in a herd situation and came to the farm, along with his stable-mate, Gunner.  He hasn't been ridden much in the last year or so and can be a little "silly" as in: he seems to want to act over-concerned about things, if you'll "fall for it".  :-)  He's wonderful to tack up and she had ridden him in a snaffle, but I used a Jr. Cow-horse bit, riding with a "light hand" and he did just fine.  On a recent ride out with a friend riding Gunner, he actually preferred that Gunner stayed in front.  I'd like to get at least one more, long ride on him, before I show him.  Haven't "taped" him yet, but he's at least 14.3.  Asking $775.00.
     Also, before I'm asked, the last owner got him from someone that had wanted to use him as a gaming horse, but said he didn't want to do it, so I'm selling him as a trail horse.  





UPDATE:  Nigel went to the arena with the group.  He trailers well and I'm sure he tacked up well for my friend, as he was very good for me, but he could use a little work on ground manners, when you're on the ground.  With all the hub-bub and people and horses moving in and out of the arena, I was left holding 2.  My mare was perfect, Nigel was on a mission to move out.  I managed just fine and he was much better at the farm, 2 weeks earlier, but just needed to mention it.  He really "shone" in the arena, appearing to really be enjoying himself.  Trotted comfortably, easily transitioned into a canter that just went on and on.  He seemed to be more used to the arena, than the road at home.  He definitely needs at least an intermediate rider with confidence.

UPDATE 11/14/15:  NIGEL SOLD TODAY.  His future will include:  4-H, drill team & trail rides. 






THIS IS GUNNER!  He is a 7-8 year old grade quarter-horse gelding, but we actually think there's another breed mixed in with that.  He actually is built and moves more like a horse with some Morgan or Warmblood in his background.  His previous owner bought him from us as a 1-2 year old.  This guy has personality PLUS!  His stable-mate, Nigel, is a friendly horse, but this guy is so much more.  He only direct reins at this time, but even though he was barely ridden this past year, is a pretty confident horse on the trail/road.  When asked to trot, he generally curls his neck and moves out into a slow, comfortable trot, more like a WP horse.  He puts his mouth on stuff, is generally curious and is also a VERY easy keeper, very friendly and gets along extremely well in a herd.  He'll stand back and "observe" little pasture dramas....all the time, staying completely un-involved.  He's a smart one and the right person would really enjoy spending time with him.  I think this guy could go in a number of directions.  If I were inclined to learn Dressage, he might make a good partner.  He's very solidly built, at least 14.3 and is also good to tack up.  I would also like to get him out, one more time, before showing him.  Asking $650.00.








UPDATE 11/09/15:  We took Gunner to the arena with the other 5 horses, 2 days ago.  He trailered well, this time he had 2 more riders and the first used an Aussie saddle.  Once again, he was good to tack up, used a snaffle bit and stood for mounting.  He was very relaxed, like all the others, mainly trotting in a group setting.  He was direct reined as he needs to learn to neck rein (if so desired).  The second rider used a Western saddle and ended up riding alone in the arena, as the other horses were done.  She trotted him comfortably and easily, then put him into a nice slow canter, then extended it.  The pictures will show that.  THEN, the train came roaring by, it being only 1 block from the arena, that was when he got nervous, with all the noise and realizing he was all alone in the arena.  She got him to stand and face it and all ended well.  However, Gunner needs at least an intermediate rider, due to being not completely, a finished horse.  On a horse to person relationship level, his personality still "outshines" every other horse on the farm, in my opinion!

UPDATE:  11/13/15 - Gunner sold today!




CLF DOCS PEPPY PENNY:  AQHQ 2000 sorrel mare, #3929612.  On her papers is:  Doc Bar, on the top and Peponita, on the bottom.  Penny's back, after having gone through at least 4 different owners since 2009!  The last people that owned her were very kind and concerned only with her well-being.  I got a bunch of information from them and will try to remember it all so I can post it to this ad.
     We had only used her as a broodmare, but she has since been broke to ride.  From what we understand, the last trainer to work with her, did everything right, but whoever broke her out, may have done more harm than good.  She's great in the pasture and happy to be back, but we haven't ridden her here yet.  We were told that one needs to be easy-going with her and she may have suffered some sort of back injury a couple years ago, when she was first broke out, as well as some mental trauma, but she is a very forgiving mare and is "back to being her old self".  She has been successfully ridden since then, on trails, by a good trainer who thinks she'll do O.K. for a light-weight rider that can mount & dismount smoothly.  A couple of visits from an equine massage therapist would help, as well.  She's always been a kind horse and a friendly horse.  Penny stands about 14.2.  I need to "tape her".
   We will be asking $375.00 for Penny.  I'd like to see her in a "broodmare role" again.  If I place her as a companion horse, I need to know for sure, that's all that will be expected of her and the price will be much less.....her papers would not go with her, as a companion.

UPDATE:  1/22/16 - Penny found a wonderful new home, where she will be living out her life as a companion horse.




MEET SULTAN!  He is a PTHA 2003 gelding.  His registered name is Sultans CLE a.k.a. "Sunny".  He's a by tobiano, his reg.# is: 115776 and his bloodlines trace back to Padron on his top side and Khemosabi on the bottom.  He's about 15 hands tall.  He is currently being "refreshed" at a friend's farm and is coming along marvelously.  He has a current Coggins test.  More info & pics coming soon!

UPDATE:  1/24/16  Sultan is now "SOLD"!  Looks like he's going to be a 4-H horse with his new "owner to be", Isabelle.  :-)





Sold-Whinny:  Whinny is a 10 year old, grade appaloosa mare.  She is broke to ride and was used at a riding stable.  She neck reins and is used to being ridden with a hackamore.  She is easy to tack up, may circle a time or two, then stands for mounting and will ride out alone for someone who knows what they're doing, but is happier with another horse or a group of horses.  When in front, she may stop and need a tap with your heel to get going again.  When following, does great.  She isn't overly ambitious, so could work well for a beginner.  We were told she may "pull" every now and then, when tied.  We haven't had her do that, but it is not uncommon for a "riding stable horse" that may stand tied for hours on end, at the stables.  She is friendly, good for the farrier and gets along with our main herd, very well.  She stands 14.2-14.3.  Asking $1,000.00


Nahr Serr Nebah:  Registration# AHR*543889 - Nebah is an 18 year old registered Arabian gelding.  He was gelded here, April 24th, 2 1/2 weeks ago.  He was a very respectful stallion and should make someone a great companion horse or...even as an older horse, could be broke to ride.  He is not a spooky horse and being the level-headed and intelligent boy, that he is, could make someone a great training project.  Before I brought him home, he was running with 2 mares, in a pasture.  He had become either temporarily or permanently sterile.  He's tall, lanky and long-legged.  Being well-bred, desert-bred, from the Turfa line, he could make an endurance horse prospect.  I'd appreciate getting something towards his geld, but putting any price on him, is not nearly as important as finding him a safe, long-term home. 

We put his pedigree on "all breed pedigree" and the link is as follows: 

Update:  He's been living in the main pasture for months, now, and has been getting along great.  It's so good to be able to allow him to be a "regular guy" in a herd situation.

UPDATE:  I placed Nebah on 1/8/16.  I brought him back home on 1/11/16.  I learned a little more about his likes & dislikes.  He went to some wonderful people to keep an older mare company, as the gelding currently living with her was going out for training.  Seems Nebah was fine with the arrangement for the first couple days, but on day 4, began to "act out".  So I now know that he's good when with just one other horse and good in a larger group, be it all mares, all geldings or mixed....but it seems he is less than happy when he's with 2 other horses, when one's a mare and one's a gelding.   

UPDATE:  6/29/16
Nebah finally has a home where he should be happy and do very well!




Update 1/8/16:  Nebah sold today.  He will be a companion horse for a nice older mare.

Below Pictures Are Of Lady:





SOLD:LADY: 15 year old grade Paint mare. Lady is a flashy buckskin/dun tobiano mare. We believe she was started under saddle when when she was young and then just used as a broodmare (not ridden) in the intervening years, up until about 18 months ago. In the last year and a half Lady has gone on quite a few rides and is coming along nicely. She needs a confident rider with experience. She takes confidence from her rider and would not be suited to a beginner, young child or nervous rider. More info coming soon.




Placed in his new home in early May: Sonic- Aged Arab gelding, he is very well broke, super sweet and he really likes people.  We got him back, after having placed him years ago.  His owner wasn't graining him and being an older guy, he wasn't making it on a round grass bale like the younger horses he was in with.  We put him on our rehab page at that time.  He has his weight back on, but needs to be grained every day and I give him alfalfa hay.  He's still real hairy, and he has a bit of a sway-back.....I double padded him, but he tacked up great and I rode him in a simple hackamore.  He hasn't been ridden for awhile, but he's very broke and was content to stand still after just a minute in the yard.  He did a little circling when I mounted up, but I just swung up anyway, not a problem.  He is pretty tall, haven't taped him, but he's over 15 hands.  He could go to an confident beginner on up, but being older, should be more of a "light use" horse.  He should also have a lightweight rider, child or small adult.  Asking $200.00.

We've decided to place Sonic, at no cost, to a good, permanent home.  Reason being, that though he's very broke and a wonderful horse, you have to have a saddle that fits him just right, due to his swayback and it has to be positioned in the just right spot.....or he is uncomfortable and twitchy and non-responsive and won't ride well.  I can't take the chance, for his sake, to send him out as a riding horse, knowing that his new owners might get it wrong.  I want him safe, well cared for and loved.....not misunderstood.  He'd make an awesome companion horse and after all the work he's done in his life, he deserves just that.....retirement.






SOLD:Sierras Wigout Doll: 2005 Registered sorrel overo APHA mare. Broke to ride. Sierra's pedigree can be seen at:
Update:  1/10/15 - Sierra left with a close friend today so that she can ride her in her indoor arena.  This is a broke mare that's done Huntersville, Pillager State Park, etc.  We just don't have all her past history, so we'll see how much she does know, as in leg pressure, cues, etc.  I do know that she's been lunged quite a bit and is good with that, as well.

Update:  4/1/15 - Sierra's been back home for weeks, as we had another mare that needed riding, so we swapped out the two.  I found her next to last owner, turns out it's someone we know and respect.  She trains and does barrel racing and works with problem horses for people.  She told me that they sold Sierra when they realized she wasn't going to make a barrel horse.  Sierra is one of those smart horses that will test you, when you ask her to do something she doesn't want to do.  The trainer told me that she'd get after her, every time she mis-behaved.  She said the mare figured it out pretty quick and stopped testing them.  Her last owner had problems with her stopping and backing up when she didn't want to do something.  He's taken her to someone to work with and even rode her there, getting pointers on what to do when she tried this.  Even though he'd ridden her at Huntersville and Pillsbury, it bothered him that he had to "stay on top of the situation" and not just relax and ride.  That is how we ended up with her.  Our buddy, that had taken her home, told us that when she was good, she was very good, but when she was not, she was a challenge.  She is a broke horse and can move out under saddle with her head tucked in a slow trot, like a pleasure horse  For the reason that she can present a challenge, at times, we're going to list her, "as is", looking for a new owner that likes working with horses like this.  I don't know that we'll be riding her here, as I am semi-disabled and just getting up on her.....she's a tall a challenge for me.  She is priced at $500/BO.


SOLD: Amond & Danzi: Registered Norweigian Fjords. 18 year old gelding (Maggie Lane's Amond) and 17 year old mare (Maggie Lane's Springdanz). These 2 have been together their whole lives so we prefer to place them together.  Amond has been ridden here once, very briefly, but he was wonderful to tack up and get on and quietly direct-reined around in the corral.  I was pretty impressed (even though Fjords have such an even, quiet, all around nice personality),  as I know that nothing much (riding or driving) has been done with him for the last 2 years. 
We were fortunate to have been in contact with someone that owns Danzi's daughter and had some information on both horses' pasts.  We were told that not only is Amond broke to ride, he is very well broke to drive and has been driven in parades.  It sounds like Danzi has also been either ridden or driven and we're still working on finding more information on that topic.  We know she's had at least one foal.  They are both on the "very healthy" side, we've managed to trim a little weight off.  They both look wonderful and are extremely easy keepers.  Danzi has been foundered, but her feet are nearly back to normal and she hasn't taken a misstep since she's been here. 
Amond and Danzi are very friendly, the past two years they have been mainly "pets". Danzi especially will innocently invade your space and gently check you over looking for treats.  They are both easy to catch and love attention. Amond and Danzi have sweet, easy-going dispositions and get along great with the two small ponies they have lived with the last few years. We are asking $1,500 for the pair and would prefer to place them that way. If placed seperately, Amond will be priced at $1,200 and Donzi at $500.





Pickles Has A New Home! Pickles: 12 year old grade paint mare.  For the last few years Pickles has been a wife to "Bob the donkey".  They've had a number of mule foals together.  I was told she has either white or spotted ones.  When she was younger, she'd had people on her back and was led around with them on, but was never fully broke out.  We're looking for a safe, long-term home for Pickles.  We would give her to such a home or include her at no extra charge, to whomever purchases Bob.......incase they'd like to see the successful "marraige" of the two, continue.  She's friendly and halterbroke and an excellent mother.

Update:  Pickles has found a new home!




SOLD: Lily: 6 year old grade mini mare.  She's been saddled and ridden by children, but not in the past 2 years.  She's a very sweet little mare, we'll need to "tape her" for an actual height.  She came in with the Fjords and one other pony and they all live together.  Lily has been foundered and her feet are looking much improved with the proper trimming she's receiving.  She gets around with no discomfort.  She's on a diet of clean grass hay and should probably be kept out of big grassy pastures so as not to re-founder.  We are asking $150 for Lily. 



SOLD: Sketcher: 5 year old Miniature gelding. Sketcher comes with a Temporary Certificate of  Registration with the AMHR.  I had never heard of a "temporary" one before, though I did notice that their was nothing recorded his height.  Possibly the registration was waiting for his mature height in order to classify his "mini" size???  He was foaled on 5/03/2010.  It really has no bearing on his placement as we're looking for a good home for him as a companion pony.  He's very sweet and a bit too "stout".  He gets along great, but was born with a disability.  He has one back leg that's weaker, causing him to place it more inward, when he walks.  It doesn't bother him, but as a companion pony, she should be with a mild-mannered friend.  A mean buddy would most likely take advantage of the fact that he wouldn't be able to get out of the way of a kick or a bite, very quickly.  Friendly and sweet and halterbroke, he'd be a good friend for anybody.  We are asking $50 for Sketcher, to a good long-term home.   


SOLD Salty: 19 year old grade Arabian mare. Salty is a sweet, smaller Arab mare with pretty head and a kind eye.
She stands tied and trailers very well. Salty has only been ridden here a couple times.  She seemed uncomfortable to my daughter when she first started riding her, (she did not do anything wrong but seemed a little stiff and slow to pick up the trot when the rider's leg pressure was applied) so when we had the equine massage therapist out to work on a few horses we had them check out Salty as well.  After our therapist worked on Salty she is like a "brand new horse"!   Since then, when I rode her out, she was happy and perky and forward and trotted nicely in front of the other horse. This little mare was most likely used as a "spare horse" in her last home. She is level headed and is a total lady. Salty is traffic safe and has been trail ridden. She is at the bottom of the pecking order and very, very sweet.  I believe she's about 14 hands tall but we need to measure her. She is easy to tack up and rides well in a hackamore.  Salty direct reins and stops easily. She can be a bit unsure of where you want her to go, until you head out, but then she is very willing and able and appears to be unafraid of most everything she goes by, tarps, vehicles, a long conjoined group of black mailboxes (I mention this as nearly every horse we ride, tends to want to take a wide berth around them), etc.  Salty is priced at $400.




SOLDBabe:  This mare is a registered 1996, APHA mare.  Her registered name is "Skippers BlueHoney", #338,641.  Babe is a very quiet, sweet-tempered mare that has basically been used as a trail horse.  She rides in a hackamore.  She had professional training as a 2 yr. old, so is very well versed on a lungeline.  She is a very easy keeper and at the bottom of the "pecking order" in the pasture.  She will most likely work for beginners with some riding knowledge.  She is very "out of shape", but also seems a bit uncomfortable at times, when ridden, so we are having her evaluated by our farrier and a horse massage therapist.  We have just started riding her and will update her info as we know more.

Update:  11/29/14 - I should have updated this mare's info a month ago, that's the last time we took Babe out with Salty for a brief ride.  I had a massage therapist out just one week after our fundraiser where the kids riding Babe, noticed she appeared to be somewhat  uncomfortable.  The therapist was also there that day and worked on her for a little bit, which seemed to help.  We all agreed that she was in need of a trim to alter the angle of her feet.  I had her feet trimmed 3 days after the fundraiser and when our massage therapist came out the following weekend, she found no more signs of pain or discomfort, where she had previously.  The only thing we noticed the last time she was ridden, was that her feet were a bit tender on the gravel.  If it had been riding season, I would've had her shod in front, until her hooves grew out a little and she got used to the corrected angle of her feet, from the trim.  This mare seems to prefer the company of people to that of other horses, when you really spend time with her.  She has the sweetest disposition and would make someone, a new best friend.  At this time we are asking $850 for Babe.


SOLD Cookie: 20+ year old grade dun mare.  This is a very kind, older mare.  When she was younger, she even rode out in Medora.  She went to Camp Shamineau this year for her previous owner's grandchild, as the horse that was meant to be used, got hurt.  She will be good for light riding, preferably by a child or smaller adult, she does have a bit of a low back.  We were told she only direct reins and will be trying her out very soon.  She is also excellent with other horses, could get along with any, providing they weren't out to beat her up.  She would be safest in a mellow group of horses.  She has a very sweet disposition.    





SOLD Bob: 11 year old spotted donkey jack.  What a character!  Bob came in from some friends of ours that are selling their farm and needing to place their large animals.   We also got in his "wife" Pickles and will be posting pics and an ad on her later this week.  They were bred a number of times and always had a little white mule or a spotted one.  The mare is also spotted.   Bob isn't a real noisy guy, just the occasional "honk" when we're out feeding or when  a new horse arrives, that is housed near him. We need to tape him for his correct height, but he's got to be 13+ hands tall, just under the mammoth donkey height requirement.  He does pull on his lead rope so you need to keep him close.  We could rehome him with "his wife" if anyone were interested.  She will be going online this week.  She has really only been a broodmare.  Bob's price is $350.




SOLD Ozzy: This is a registered ApHC mare.  She was brought to us by her former owners, so that we could help to find her a new home.  We have a copy of her papers, but not the original and since it's not been found, as of yet, we will be selling her as grade.  Her name is "Total Awesome Class".  Her sire is:  Crystal Approval and her dam is:  BR Glitter and Class.  She was foaled on 04/12/2004.  We were told she contracted Lymes Disease at her previous home and was treated for it by a veterinarian.  However, she still has "off" days so we feel she should be considered as a companion horse and if she were to stay sound on joint medication, her new owner could very well have a spare riding horse, as she is broke to ride.  I will be having our vet check her out on his next visit, but we haven't ridden her here and really don't plan to, at this time.  This mare gets along well in our herd and is a very easy keeper.  She loves treats, but is not overly personable.




SOLD Lacey: 20 year old grulla Quarter Horse mare.  This mare is the perfect package, she has the looks, disposition and the training! We've seen her ride well for at least 5 riders with different riding abilities as well as different levels of confidence. Lacey is an easy going, well broke mare. She is approx. 15 hands tall and nicely built.  She is a sweet, friendly mare. Easy to catch, stands tied, stands for tacking up and fly spray, gets along well with other horses. Lacey is a great trail horse. She is traffic safe and not spooky. Neck reins, backs nicely and is light mouthed. Will lead or follow along when ridden with another horse. Smooth gaits. Will also ride bareback with just a halter and lead. Lacey would be suitable for any number of riders, from a less experienced rider on up. She is sound and healthy, has a good disposition and is an all-around nice mare. Lacey is registered AQHA but her papers were lost, if her previous owner finds them we will update this ad with her pedigree. $1350




SOLD RF Happy Gilmore: 1999 registered Pinto gelding. "Happy" is a beautiful, part-Arab large pony (I think around 13 hands or so, we need to measure him). We were contacted by Happy's former owner for help in finding him a good home. He is broke to ride and we were told should have a rider with experience. Happy has been foundered and needs to be kept off pasture/in a dry lot. More info coming soon.


SOLD Banjo: 4 year old jenny Mule. Approx. 15 hands and stout. Her dam was a Tennessee Walker mare. Banjo is a nice looking jenny that is halterbroke and is ready to start training. She has been well taken care of and had only one owner from birth until now, her owner contacted us for help in finding her a good home. Banjo has only been trailered once, when we picked her up and she's pretty hesitant about loading. She has a good disposition and will make a nice riding mule. Banjo should have an owner with "mule experience". She is sound and healthy. More information and photos coming soon. $500




SOLD Rusty: 20 year old red roan john (gelding) Mule. Rusty is approx. 15 hands tall. He is well broke to ride and has been ridden in the mountains of CO, WY and MT. Rusty has a good disposition and likes attention. He is easy to catch, trim and shoe.  
Rusty was with the same owner for many years and was very well taken care of. His owner contacted us for help in finding Rusty a good home. We were told Rusty is a good trail Mule and has also been used to pack. Rusty direct reins and is very smooth under saddle. We also have the Australian saddle his owner used on him (see photo) as well as his old pack harness. The saddle is in excellent shape.






SOLD:Ocelia Marie: 1995 registered Thoroughbred mare. "Moriah" is approx 15.1/15.2 hands tall. She belonged to the same home for years and was very well taken care of. Sadly, her owner's job requires she move out of the country and she contacted us for help in finding Moriah a safe, long-term home. Moriah is a well trained mare, she has been trail ridden and overnight camping and also had dressage and jumping training in the past.  At one time, she was even trained to drive, but didn't do it long term. Moriah is blind in one eye but well adjusted to it, she is sound and healthy otherwise. She has not been ridden much in the last year or so. We will be updating her ad as soon as we've had time to ride her here a few more times. Moriah's pedigree can be seen at:
Update 6/24/14:  We've ridden Moriah out a couple times now and she's been well behaved.  Her only silly habit is neighing a bit when you first start out to see if she can get one of the pasture horses to answer her.  Each time she went out, it was with another horse we've been riding so we don't know how happy she'd be, going out alone.  However, her previous owner was down to just one horse, her, when I picked her up so I'm assuming she rode her out alone from her farm.  She is a nice mare, friendly and responsive and works very well off leg cues, going down the road, we had her leg yields as in dressage.  She has her moments when being tacked up as she'll jig around a bit.  I should've cross-tied her, which would've helped.  She gets along well with other horses and you'd never know she was blind in one eye, if you didn't see it.
    We feel that she'd do best with a confident intermediate rider or an advanced one.  The right type of person will really enjoy this mare and get a lot out of her as she's been trained in a number of disciplines.  She just needs to get ridden more, she really seems to enjoy it. $500




Cupcake is SOLD,  Moonshine is SOLD Cupcake and Moonshine: 9 year old pony mare and her 2013 stud colt. Cupcake is an extremely sweet little mare. Easy to catch, loves attention. I had a hard time getting any photos of her as she was determined to follow me all around the pen. We were contacted by Cupcake's former owner for help finding her a home. He told us she is well broke to ride and was ridden by his young children. Cupcake is blind in one eye but is well adjusted to it. She has a wonderful disposition, friendly and easy going.
Moonshine is her 2013 foal, he is 5 months old. He is not yet halterbroke but we will be working with him as we have time. We are advertising them as a pair at this time, but plan to wean Moonshine within the month. $275 for the pair.
Update:  Moonshine has been hiding the fact that he is pretty well halter-broke.  :-)  He was excellent for his first trim!  His name has also been changed to Moonshadow, in honor of my brother






SOLD Skip: 19 year old grade Arabian/Appaloosa cross gelding. Approx. 15 hands tall. Skip is friendly and easy to catch. He is a flashy older gelding and is well broke to ride. He is a former 4-H show horse. In recent years Skip has mostly been trail ridden. He also has done open gaming classes. Skip's former owner contacted us for help in finding him a good home. She would like to touch base with his new home from time to time. Skip stands tied and stands for tacking up. Skip has a ground covering walk and is a great trail horse. He is traffic safe, not spooky and is used to 4-wheelers. Will blaze trail, go through puddles, etc. Skip is very light mouthed and rides well in a hackamore. Neck reins, very responsive under saddle. We feel he could be suited to a confident beginner with basic riding skills and light hands. Skip is sound and healthy and has a current coggins test. We plan to take him to a fun game show within the next few weeks if he is still here. Skip does require daily grain to maintain his weight. $750




SOLD IH Tangarai: 2002 registered APHA mare. Tangarai is approx. 14.2 hands tall. She is broke to ride but has not been ridden in the last 2 years.
Tangarai rides like a well started, but not finished mare. She has good ground manners and is gentle and easy to handle. She leads, stands tied and trailers. Under saddle she direct reins and stops well. She needs a rider with experience to finish her training. Priced at $275.






SOLD Herman and Horatio: 3 year old purebred, unregistered Clydesdale geldings. Herman and Horatio are half-brothers, only one month apart in age. The first two photos are Horatio, the 2nd two photos are of Herman, (he is the one with the most white). Horatio is approx. 17 hands tall. Herman is approx. 17.2 hands tall. With training, they would make a very nice team. Their previous owner contacted us for help in finding them a good home.
Both geldings are very friendly. They love to be groomed, stand for fly spray and have been bathed. Good for the farrier. They have been exposed to tracters, lawn mowers, golf carts, etc. Both have excellent dispositions and are gentle with kids, cats, dogs, etc. They get along well with other horses. Herman and Horatio are sound and healthy and ready to start training. These geldings are very gentle but are young and are VERY big and need a home experienced with draft horses. Current coggins tests. If possible, we would like to find them a new home as a team as they have been together since they were foals. $1500/for both Herman and Horatio.





SOLD Zip: 15 year old grade black mare. Approx. 14.3 hands tall. Zip is back with us due to the fact that her current owner feels she doesn't have the experience required for this mare. We took her to the local outside arena shortly after her return, she rode the same for us as she did last fall. She did well and was very relaxed.
Zip has good ground manners and gets along well with other horses. Stands tied, trailers, stands for saddling. Zip is a well broke mare and would be best suited to a calm, light handed rider. She needs a rider with confidence and experience as she initally is a bit anxious/tense before you start out on a ride and she knows what to expect, (a little "wound up" but settles down when you head out to ride). Last fall we took this mare on a 2 hour trail ride at Pillsbury forest and she did wonderful. She neck reins and is very responsive under saddle. Zip is sound and healthy. $675




SOLD Topper: 15 year old grade Saddlebred gelding. Topper is approx. 15.2 hands tall. He is a very nice looking gelding with a good disposition. Easy to catch, stands tied, stands for tacking up. We bought Topper at an auction after seeing him ridden around for hours by a very abusive rider. He was being run back and forth, his mouth was being ripped on, he was hit with a stick and then finally hit in the head. It was one of the worst cases of abusive riding we have ever seen. Because of this, when we brought him home we gave him some time off to relax. He is a very forgiving horse and adjusted very well here. Topper is well broke to ride, however the first few minutes of the ride he is a bit nervous, we're sure due to past treatment. Once he realizes no one is going to beat on him he relaxes. Topper direct reins nicely and stops easily. He is light mouthed and has smooth gaits. We feel Topper would be best suited to a confident intermediate rider. $475

When buying or adopting a horse from us:
A horse is considered "sale pending" once we recieve a non-refundable deposit. Until then (with the exception of a few days for a deposit to reach us) the horse is still available. Once a horse is sale pending or sold, we give 1 week free board. After that, you will be charged $5 a day until horse is picked up, unless other arrangements are made with us. If the horse is staying here more than 2 weeks, it must be paid for in full.
Limited room/feed expenses force us to do things this way as we've had people in the past leave a horse here for months on end. We cannot take in any new horses until sold horses have gone to their new homes, nor do we have the money as needed for hay/grain until sold horses are paid in full.