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We felt the need to add this page to our site and will be adding more to it in the future.  We couldn't continue to do all of this without the help we recieve from caring people like yourselves!

A huge thank you to everyone that has donated to us this past year- halters, hay and monetary donations have helped out so much. We'd thank you by name but are afraid we might forget someone, you know who you are and please know we appreciate what you've done for us.
Another huge thank you to Andrew and Leslie for sponsoring all the rescue horses for a month or more. You guys were a Godsend!  
Sending out a big thank you to the Arabian Breeders Network.  You guys totally rock!  
Thank you as well to the owners of "Hazel" and of "Little Lucky" (aka Mickey) for their donations this winter and for providing wonderful homes to the horses.
There are two people who need to be recognized for their ongoing support to us here at Great Expectations.  Their regular donations help get us through each month, but more importantly, they are able to take in some of our most deserving horses and provide them with a loving and permanent retirement home.  Ron and Kris, we feel fortunate to have you as our friends and to think it all started with a crippled mule, a blind pony and an aged nanny goat.
Thank you so much to Heather Salden and her friends from the horse show who so generously donated their entry fees to our ranch!
Bea, congratulations on turning 80 and thank you ever so much for contributing your birthday gift to our horses! It's being put to very good use!

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