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Oftentimes we're asked if we need donations of any particular items so we decided to add this page to list some of the things we can always use. :)

For those of you who'd be interested in helping us out with those things that we need the most, here is a small list:
Metal fence panels, I figured out that if we got just one from each person that could donate, we'd have the "fence of many colors", not quite biblical in that it's not a "coat", but a blessing just the same.  It always amazes me that we have no spares lying around when we need to extend or mend a pen and the cost of new panels is out of sight.
Square bales of alfalfa hay.  The more it's pure alfalfa, the better for the older ones and the starving ones, as even the older horses can make use of all the leafy parts and it's one of the best ways to get their weight back up.  I can keep an old horse well fed on 2 bales a week, plus supplemental feed so any amount would be welcome.
High fat content pelleted feed or rice bran (we're finding out that it's hard to find the rice bran these days).  We used to tell everyone, senior feed and that is extremely welcome as well because it's so easy on the digestive system for them all.  I mention the high fat type as it puts the weight on faster.  We currently pick up bags of "Strategy" and "Triumph" from Fleet Farm when we can as they are 6-7% fat content, higher than the average feeds. 

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