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These Are Horses That Came To Us In 2015




 Sonic:  We adopted him out with another older Arab gelding, Brego, a number of years ago.  Brego has since passed away and we were contacted to see if we would take Sonic back.  We were more than happy to, so a friend of ours, that had last seen him in August, hauled him up here, for us.  She felt bad as he looks pretty rough right now and looked good last summer, when there was plenty of pasture.  There were a number of other horses on the property that looked fine, problem being that they were all, only on hay.  Most older horses need grain and/or soaked feed, possibly supplements, as they age.  We all feel bad for him, but no problem as he is now getting grained twice a day, soaked food in the morning and alfalfa hay, twice a day.  Just wish we'd have gotten him back in a little sooner.  I also was able to find a blanket that fit him, as there's no need for him to burn up those extra calories, trying to stay warm.  Everyone needs to remember that senior horses require more than your average, young, healthy horse. 
Update:March 2015:  Pulled Sonic's blanket off, recently, and he looks great.  Will be puttin on new photos soon. 

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