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This page will be used to inform the public about certain services that may be useful to them and to their horses.

County Line Farrier Service is back!
After 5 years in Oklahoma, working at Polo Ranch, Kim Otterson is back in MN and looking for work. 35 years experience. Competetive prices. (320) 412-6389

Rocking T Stables would like to announce that they offer riding lessons for groups or individuals.  This is also a boarding facility so that you could bring your own horse and work with the trainer as a team.  They offer a private place to camp learn to ride, rent a rustic cabin and have an indoor as well as an outdoor arena to use by the day, the week or the month.  They offer holistic care for your horse which features organic food stuffs and have considerable knowledge in diagnosing and solving problems, whether physical or mental, in individual horses.  There is even a leather shop, on the premises for making or repairing horse equipment. 
To contact for more information, call:(218)745-2539.
They are located approximately 20 miles south of Brainerd.

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