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We would like to thank all our customers for their business! We have met so many fantastic people over the years and made many new friends! We love sending horses out to awesome homes where they are appreciated, and we are fortunate to have been a part of many great horse/new owner "matches"!
On this page we will be adding testimonials, if you would like to send one in, please email it to 1039jade@brainerd.net

I just want to let you know how much my daughter enjoys her new mare.  Easy is the perfect babysitter for my youngest daughter, and I am really looking forward to picking up our next one.  You are completely honest in your descriptions of your horses that you offer, and that is so refreshing.  I admire what you ladies do, giving some of these grand old equines a second chance with families that adore them.  Keep up the good work and know that Great Expectations Ranch will always be the first place I look when I need another horse.  Thanks so much for everything!
Suzanne Snaza
Back in the Fall of 2005 I came across an ad for a lovely Arab mare who had been rescued by Sue and Brook.  They saw the potential in Rose and saved her from a terrible fate that surely meant slaughter.  When I e-mailed about the mare I was
pleasantly suprised at thier honesty and willingness to help.  The day I went to look at Rose was the day I feel madly in love.  Not only did I find my dream horse but I was able to meet two really wonderful women who truely are horse
lovers in every sense of the word and work so hard to find the "unwanted" horses loving, capable homes.  Not long after I was able to find out that my sweet Rose was well bred and had a show career once!  Hats off to Sue and Brook and thanks from DeEtta and Rose!
We have bought a few horses from Great Expectations Ranch over the last 4 years, all of them being exactly as described by Sue and Brook.  Our favorite is Princess who is going to be 21 this year.  She is a very sweet arab mare that we bought from Great Expectations Ranch about 3 years ago.  Princess has been a wonderful 4-H/trail horse for our daughter Emily and I know she will bring us much more joy in the future.  Thanks Sue and Brook for doing what you can to look out for our equine friends.              
Michelle Gallmeier & Family
from Star Lake Ranch
I was at your place last May and brought home a little chestnut Arabian colt(Pharroah) who has turned out to be the love of my life!  The little yearling was exactly what you said he was and what he would be, and so much more!  He was one of your rescue horses who just needed a lttte bit of TLC, as you requested from the new owner.  In a matter of days he stole all of our hearts.  Pharroah is intelligent, just as you said he was; he has been sooo easy to train! He has turned out to be a real beauty, so graceful and full of spunk, it's hard to take your eyes off of him sometimes!  He is so full of pride as he trots through his pasture. And best of all, he is such a commedian. Any time he has an audience he's out there hamming it up! If he's not carrying his feed bucket to the gate, he's kicking a ball around the pasture trying to stir up the herd!  His latest prank is quietly snatching hats off of unsuspecting bystanders.   With out you ladies neither of us would have known such happiness. I can't thank you enough for our new best friend and all of the hard work you put into saving these "unwanted" horses by matching them with families who love them. 

 I would also like to add that if you didn't live three hours away I would have been to your place a million times already!  You always have such  a nice collection of horses to pick from; something for everyone.  When we were at your ranch, Brook was such a  gracious host as she patiently showed us every horse we wanted to see and pet... which was all of them! She  answered all of the questions we had about Pharroah, and had all of the appropriate paper work ready when we finally left. You  were really great to work with! I tell everyone looking for a good horse to look you guys up first! And now you have a website to access...Perfect!

 Keep up the wonderful work.  I can't wait to come back for our next horse!


Jaime Runstrom Superior WI  

Hi All,
My name is Pam Sachs and I think I have the distinction of being the person who started Sue on her riding career back in the good old days when my parents ran a riding stable.  I lost the last of my home grown horses at an early age and was looking for a replacement.  My farrier told me about this three month old colt that Sue had rescued from the kill pen.  She called him Abe and had him listed over the Internet when I stopped to see him.  Because she knew he would be well taken care of she chose me to be his "Mommy".  I have never had a horse bond with me like this little guy did. He was a bag of bones and fur when I got him but his Percheron side is showing--he is very tall but still looks like a riding horse and the age of three.  Anyway--his new name is Oceanbun after Seabiscuit who was a throw away horse too.  We call him Obie--all except my brother who calls him Dennis the Menace because he is such a jokester.  He is presently being trained by Pickles Dillman and every day I appreciate the fact that Sue saved this amazing horse for me. 
I am very happy with the horses I have purchased from you, your adds are truthful and your prices are as good as any.  You can put me down as a reference anytime. I would never be afraid to purchase a horse from you. Good friends fine people.....take care Gary & Lori Lettman www.Triple-L-Farms.com 

My young daughter (Liz) and I had the great privilage to meet Sue and Brook back in December of 2002.  My daughter's very old pony had to be put down due to illness and age.  I was checking the internet for a replacement and came across an add for a 24 year old "Mexican" gelding.  He sounded almost too good to be true, ex-riding stable horse, perfect size for my daughter, etc.  I called and spoke to Sue and she filled us in on Raven.  A long story short, we met him, instantly fell in love and he has been my daughters best friend and trail companion ever since.  He taught her so much, he has been the kindest, most honest horse I have ever known.  We can't even count the number of "pony rides" he has merrily given to any child who wanted one.  He has been her dream "Spanish Mustang" hero.  Last summer was a little sad when it became clear that Raven was starting to feel his age.  Also Liz was starting to be a little to big for him.  We began the search for a new horse.  My first thought was to watch for adds from Great Expectation.  And sure enough, we found another "too good to be true" horse.  So we have adopted Sham and he is fullfilling all of Liz's dreams of riding a dashing Arabian accross the fields.  I admire Sue and Brook so much for what they are doing.  My daughter's life has been filled with great joy because of these two "rejects" they saved.  I can't say enough good things about the work they do. 
PS:  The only problem we experienced was that although we thought Raven was ready for retirement, he heartily disagreed.  He was incredibly jealous of Sham and wouldn't allow Liz to spend all her time with him.  Things have settled down but Raven still lets Sham know that Liz was his "girl" first every chance he gets.
Nancy Rakow & Liz Hicks
Oak Grove, MN

We bought this horse from you almost three years ago. his name was lance, but i got him registered so now he's Fires Harmonie he is very very energetics and i'm so glad that I found, him he is a great horse. THANK YOU so much! He is the best! i'm going to start showing him this year and i know he'll do great. Thanks again. and if you want to nknow anything else just email me
Janessa Hetland
Let's just get right to the point! These ladies ROCK ! ! I have found them both to be very knowledgable,honest, and a HOOT to be around! They care about the well being of both the horse and potentially new owner. I only wish there were more people in the equine industry like them!
                                                                                   Pickles Dillman

I have been dealing with Sue and Brook for about 5 years now and have bought several animals from them.  Most of the horses I've gotten from Great Expectations I bought sight-unseen based on their web ads alone.  There are not many horse people I trust this much. You can take what they say to the bank and be confident that their horses are what they say they are.  You ladies provide a wonderful service to both the equines and the families looking for them!  Thank you!  KarenLynn Eaton Rocking K Speed Horses

Your website looks GREAT!!  I wanted to send you a picture of Anni & Cloudy.  It isn't too good of quality, I think it was cold.  Anni's first horse may not have been the right match, but this is.  Anni catches Cloudy, brings her in the barn and then rides her all by her self.  Anni is eight years old but very tiny for her age.  She only weights 34 pounds.  She can do whatever she wants on her new best friend.  Anni is also dedicated to cleaning her stall and feeding her everyday.  They truely have a "great expectations" bond.  Thank you!

 I am sooo glad you rescued this horse!!  After 2 years of watching your site and looking for the right horse I found him.  Many people would have passed him by because of his rough shape but you saw what I saw the first time I came across him.  A kind eye and a horse that just needed to be loved and given a SAFE place.  I knew he was the one I had been searching patiently for.  It was fun watching him become healthy and wondering just exactly what was underneath all that hair lol, my diamond no longer in the rough.  It wasnt easy getting him thru the hey its ok stage but now when he sees me he is glad to see me and it makes me feel so great.  He will never ever have to worry again about his next meal or etc and he is starting to realize this, he has become more confident and finally has a GOOD LIFE thanks to you guys seeing his potential and rescuing him!!  You do a wonderfull thing for these horses and Im so glad for it.  Thank you sooooo much again and if I could be of any service some time during the weekend around the farm let me know!! i would love to help!!    Sheri @ Tiago

Hello Sue and Brook at GER,
We owe such gratitude and thanks to you both for the exceptional experience we had working with you. You couldn't have been more helpful and knowlegable in picking out the right horses for me. You both are so fabulous and we so enjoyed working with you-- the whole experience was fun and I felt confident in your selections and advice. So positive, so professional.
You both know your horses inside and out, and really care about each and every horse you have there. And your rehab work in phenominal . I would recommend
GER and have to anyone looking for good, healthy and well care for horses with reasonable prices. I know we will not go anywhere else in the future.
Thank You so much, you made my dream absolutely perfect. You are Wonderful Ladies.
                             Sue-----you inspire me!
Deborah & Jessica                         
Cohasset, Mn

We have been very satisfied customers and friends of Great Expectations Ranch since 2002!  We purchased two wonderful horses Gus and Peanut that year.  Gus passed on to the Rainbow Bridge and Peanut continues to live with friends.  Silver joined our family in 2005 and Pepper came to us in 2007.  The horses we have purchased and met at the Ranch have always been wonderful and just as described.  If we have ever had a problem, a question, or just wanted to chat, Sue and Brook are always there!  These ladies provide a wonderful home and future to many horses who would never have had a chance otherwise.  Through their selective breeding, they also have some great foals on the ground ready to be the next generation of loving family and working horses.  We are excited and happy to see the website and are always happy to give references or chat about our experiences.

Sadie and Rebecca Wakal

Working Horse Ranch and S.A.F.E. Sanctuary, Faribault, MN


  Honesty is the best policy. How true that statement is at Great Expectations Ranch. If you are looking for a horse these two fine ladies will not lead you wrong, they will "fit" you with a horse that will be a pleasureable mount for you. I say this from experience as we have purchased several wonderful horses from them. 

   Our visits to GER, whether we are looking for another horse or just to shoot the breeze are just as pleasureable as we have gotten to know and count Brook and Sue as friends, we applaud the work that they are doing. And the work that goes into everyday at GER.
   In summary ; wonderful horses, wonderful people, wonderful honesty.
  Consider GER for your next horse, you won't be disappointed.
                                      Kevin and Rory
( Brawny, Macy, Naudia, Peekers, & Zister)
I thought I should add our testimonial.  I always check out horses on the
internet especially the Arabians because we've always had 1 or 2.
I saw a beautiful mare that these great ladies had rescued from the awful
sale barn.  She has terific breeding and gorgeous to look at.
So we decided to purchase..........then they also told me about another mare
that they had for sale.  One look at her and I couldn't resist so I bought
her also.  Our Arab gelding was alone because our other Arab mare had to be
put down due to a broken leg.  I did it for him:)
Both the mares were exactly what they had been advertised as.  These ladies
deserve a medal for giving these horses another chance.  If only more people
were like them we wouldn't have unwanted and neglected horses.  My hats off
to them they certainly deserve all this recognition and more.
BTW both mares are doing great and I'm looking forward to riding them.  If
they ad a page where we could send pictures of these horses I would be happy
to add the two mares.
Thanks for the opportunity to express my appreciation to Sue and Brooke.
Leena Hupe
Kaministiquia, Ontario
My granddaughter and I fell in love several times at Great Expectations, but only brought one horse home..and she is wonderful.  It was pretty much love at first site when we met this big black quarter horse mare who is due to foal in about 2 weeks.  She was rescued by Brooke and all I can say is "thank you" for her fate would have been horrific.  Melody is a very loving and easy to work with mare..just like they told me she was.
Anyone who rescues animals is number one in my book.  They deserve a special place in heaven!!
Thanks ladies!
M. Ryan and Nykole Holmes
Pequot Lakes, MN
Buying and looking for a horse can be scarey and a challenge for some people,Sue and Brook made it easy for me in the process.First off I wanted a Mustang one of those Magestic horses you see in pictures(my dream horse) so I scowered the net for months looking at hundreds of prospects, then I found Johnny 5 listed, Paso mix somekind of Mexican horse! Well when I seen a photo and started working with the girls I new I was insured a good fit for what I was after. I never went down to see him in person(scarey HA) just trusted what they were telling me , my instincts were right! When they delivered this horse I could not believe my eyes! he was everything and much more!!! Perfect confirmation, Main& Tail to die for and yes that Mustang Roman nose!!! He gets complements everywhere we go! Hes gaited and carries himself in a proud way of going! People ask, 'What kind of horse is that??? I start to feel tingley all over and proud to say hes mine!! We LOVE HIM and he will be here forever! o and by the way he is 19 with a body of a 10 year old stallion!!! Magnificent Horse!!! I would Buy another horse here anytime infact I'm on the list for mustangs or paso's.   Thinking of your GOOD WORK everytime I look in Johnny's eyes!!   Jane Gerber of Superior Wis  gerberjane@yahoo.com, come visit my mustang ranch!


Snickers with his new owner Trina!
Great Expectations Ranch is a GREAT place to buy a horse from!  We Purchased Angel, the Welsh pony from Sue and Brook .  This little Mare is just as her name says!  She IS an Angel!  Such a sweet lil' horse!!   We actually had purchased Sugar, an Arab Mare from them, and she had a little too much spunk for me, being a beginner.  Plus I was a big chicken when it came to being in charge, and she knew it!!   It is so nice to know that it is a first priority that horse and owner are a perfect fit!!  Angel was just what my kids were looking for!   She has such a nice personallity, and she does anything asked of her.  Even my six year old who has no riding experience can ride her with no worries!  Great Expectations Ranch is an AWESOME place to find a Great horse.  They are so honest and knowledgeable about the horses they sell.  We asked so many questions, and they always had time to answer them for us.   Even when we went down the road to JB Western Store to get a saddle, the Guy working there told us how great Brook & Sue were and how much they really care about the horses they place.  They really do a wonderful job of finding the "right" horse just for you.  If you are questioning buying a horse from them, rescue or not, you can buy with confidence and know that they are selling you exactly they type of horse they say it is!! .  I trust them 100%.  They are making a big difference in these horses lives, at the ranch they are guarenteed to get a good home!!!  Another very nice thing is the price of the horses they sell.  They are reasonable, and I can't imagine what one month of hay alone must cost for so many horses they care for, on top of that there is feed/grain, vet bills, farrier fees, etc. etc.!!  WOW!!  They are really ALL HEART in what they do, and I think they are doing a Fantasic job!  I hope they can continue to rescue and raise horses!!  They have such a specail gift when it comes to these big beautiful animals!  A BIG pat on the back to you Sue and Brook!!  Thanks so much for all of the work you do & for our Sweet lil' Angel!!
~The Stafki's
Ottertail, MN

We purchased two wonderful horses from Sue & Brook, Tanner & Musta (Frankie) at the time they were yearlings, and now are almost 4 years old. We couldn't ask for better horses then what we got from Great Expectations Ranch.
A great price for two great horses. They were actually what we needed, and Sue & Brook really know their horses.
Keep up the good work gals. 
We'll be checking out your website before buying any where else.
And again, thank you both so much.
 Lisa Aragon
Mark Seterstrom

Hi Brook and Sue,
Not sure if you remember us but we bought Nelly from you last summer for my daughter Sandy.  She changed her name to Angel.  I am sending you a picture (if I can figure it out).  You can copy and paste this testimony for your website and list the picture if you want to.  I had to sell all of our horses and have only kept Angel and my old Arab.  We will never part with Angel.  She has put on weight and Sandy only rides her bareback.  She loves to feel Angel's power when they run through the neighbors field.  They are such a great pair it brings tears to my eyes as I watch them go down the road.  Thanks Brook and Sue.
                          Jeanette and Sandy

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